Getting my mojo back at the Cheshire 10K


This morning I ran the Cheshire 10K at Arley Hall. It was my first running event since the Morecambe Super bowl 10K on the 5th June earlier this year (Morecambe was my 8th 10K in 2016). We found out that my Dad was ill just a few days prior, and he was in hospital when I did the Morecambe run. It was a very hot day and on my Dad’s suggested we visited St Patrick’s Chapel with its stone coffins and its wonderful view, which is the picture below.


The weather was VERY different this morning!!!!:



My dad’s condition deteriorated throughout June and he passed away on the 26th June. Following his death and all the stuff that goes with it (arranging funerals etc), my mojo left me, I didn’t train much either in the gym or out running. Any races that I had entered between then and up until today I transferred my race number to others (or just didn’t show).

Just as I was starting to get back out there at the start of September I got hospitalised by and insect bite of all things picked up at a park run and needed a dose of IV antibiotics to sort out the infection in my leg. Then after a much needed holiday (Tuscany is wonderful!), I came back to Widnes and needed something to focus some positive energy on, so I entered and embarked upon this running charity challenge.

This has certainly focused my mind, back on to training down at Sweat gym, doing some more park runs, and getting back doing some running training out with Widnes Running Club. In fact this morning’s run was the first running event I’ve completed in club colours.

So, finally the run. I was evidently out of practice. I’d developed a routine at the running events earlier in the year and had it nailed down to a tee, but this morning I turned up a little bit late, got caught in the traffic going in to Alrley Hall, and picked my race number up late. In fact in the car park queue I really didn’t fancy it and I was very tempted to turn around and go home, but I decided to stick with it and to see how it went.

I have to give some kudos to the organisers. Despite the delays getting in to the site, and the awful weather conditions and wet and sodden ground around the car parks and race start, they got the race off only a couple of minutes late.

The race itself went pretty well. This is one of my favourite 10K routes, and this was the 3rd time I was running it.

The conditions for running were actually ok, yes it was (very) wet, but the course itself was unaffected by any flooding and I enjoy running in the rain.

I had a target time of sub-50 for this run. In April I had completed the run in 45.37 (in fact the pic of me on the home page is from that race), but I’m a bit heavier (around a stone!) and nowhere near as fit as I was then, so 50 mins seemed a reasonable target. It was good to see and get some support from other Widnes Running Club members on the course and during the sprint for the line. I crossed the line in 49.07, so although a way off my previous best on this course I was very happy with achieving my target for the day.


This has given me much needed confidence to continue, and I look forward to the Wilmslow 10K on 4th December and getting out and getting some much needed miles under my belt over the winter.


My mojo is back!

Peace and love.

P.S. If you’d like to sponsor me please visit :




2 thoughts on “Getting my mojo back at the Cheshire 10K

  1. Well done Alan, I’m so proud of you. After a very difficult and sad year for you, it’s great to see you are able to focus on something so positive and for such a worthy cause. Good luck as you go forward to all your new ventures, we’ll be behind you all the way. Great blog! Xx
    Jacki & Ted


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