“Not Silver” at Sweat

So last night’s training was a “Group PT” session with Paul Atkinson at Sweat, followed by a “Not Silver” class (also with Paul).

I will be keeping up my training at Sweat, the classes to improve my cardio, and the group PT to improve my strength. Group PT is mainly lifting heavy weights (heavy for me anyway). I don’t want to lose strength from all the running I’ll be doing.

After a warm up of stretching, shuffling around the gym in some weird kind of half squat with a hip circle round my ankles, some landmine single leg deadlifts (I think that’s what they’re called) and some Bulgarian split squats I had the following to do (look, I’m a “Blogger” now!):


Which is:

5 sets of 5 back squat at 90kg, I’m feeling ok on my squat at the moment, so this felt pretty straight forward.

We omitted the paused floor press as my shoulder was feeling a bit sore due to an ongoing impingement issue I’ve got, but I’m going to see a physio on Thursday so hopefully should get this sorted pretty soon, as its painful and a nuisance.

To finish this PT session I then had some landmine lunges (see set up below, hold up the bar then lunge 12 each leg) and some unilateral deadlifts, where you basically hold a 44kg kettlebell (yes this feels very heavy!) in one hand and dead lift. Again 12 each side.


After 4 lots of this I finished in time to join in at the start of Paul’s “Not Silver Class”. This was down on the timetable as a silver class, but I can assure you it didn’t feel like a silver class:


So the first section was a 10 min AMARP with a split stance wall ball (lunge back in to a split stance, chuck ball at wall – 15 of), 4 widths of the gym doing a waiters walk – basically hold a kettlebell over your head with a straight arm and, er, walk (single arm so 2 lengths on each arm), 15 Romanian dead lifts on each leg, and 30 ju-jitsu sit ups. I did the first round with a 16kg kettlebell. This was feeling a bit easy so I switched up to a 20kg bell for the remaining rounds (I can’t count so I don’t know how many rounds I did).

Next section, straight forward (though not easy!), American swing with a 24kg kettlebell, squat thrusts and v-sits, 3 lots of 40 seconds. As per usual with Paul we wasn’t afforded any rest between sets, and Paul being such a nice chap hands me a 10kg plate to do the V-sits on the 2nd set.

Then, partner up, and an ascending ladder going up in 3’s. Set up on opposite side of the gym and whilst one person does 3 ball slams, the other does squat thrusts, then swap with a bear crawl in between and go up in 3’s on the ball slams. We managed 18 with a 12kg slam ball.

Finally, the finisher. Ouchy abs! It was only two exercises, a Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) of “Hollow Scissors” (lie on back, shoulders off floor and scissor kicks) and “Toe Touches” (lie on back, legs straight up (well straightish in my case) and crunch up to touch toes). I’ve no idea how many rounds we did, but man this hurt! There was steam rising up from my bonce and we were crumpled up in a heap at the end of it. Paul very kindly took a photo:


I am the sweatiest man at Sweat. That top was light grey when I started the sessions.

Overall top training session, and slowly but surely (don’t call me Shirley) my fitness is coming back.


Peace and love.


PS – You can sponsor me at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/runningmyler


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