There are Places I’ll Remember….

Last night I went to get my shoulder looked at by a physio so I was late getting home and I missed the club run. Instead I went out on my own for an easy paced run around a route that I’ve been doing for years.

As much as I enjoy running with the running club and other people sometimes it’s nice just to get out on your own, and this was the first time I’d done this in ages.

The route wasn’t too far (around 6.5km), and it’s a route I first started doing back in 2007 when I first started running in my very first steps to stopping being a fat lad. As I was out on my own I started to reminisce and it dawned on me that when I do the Manchester runs in May it’ll be 10 years since my very first race that I ever entered which was the Great Manchester Run 2007.

My time for this was 68 mins 17 seconds. This year I did it in 45 mins and 14 seconds. It’s the closest I’ve been to getting sub 45 min, one of those times where you’re made up with a PB, but gutted about not quite getting your target! I will get a sub 45 10k in 2017 (though it’s unlikely to be Manchester as I’m doing the half marathon before the 10k). Here I am in 2007 and 2016. I got less fat, less hair, more tattoos and  I’m more handsome than ever now!

facebook_1479456424296 al-gt-mcr

My route takes me near where may Nan, Dede (RIP), lived and it was a place where I spent much of my childhood. She lived a stone’s throw away from Fairfield High School (RIP) which is where I went to school and has now been flattened and is currently getting houses built upon it (and I think the playing fields are going to be a grave yard (the dead centre of the place)).

It’s sad seeing that the place from which I have so many memories has been flattened. I remember when the school got the gates in the above picture. The gates say HFS, should it not be FHS? Blacow the headmaster being adamant that it was right, because the “F” was bigger and more prominent. Bollocks – they ballsed it up and didn’t have the cash to fix it or get new gates.

(Note I pinched that picture off the internet, it was dark when I was running and I think now those gates might have gone, and there are a couple of houses up at the front of the old school site).

For the run I switched back to my old trainers. My newer ones (the black ones) have been giving me some jip and I’ve been getting a pain in my left ankle from running in them. It seems that Brooks have changed something in them as the black ones are the latest incarnation of the orange ones I’ve had from a number of years. Although this run was very short there was no pain from running in my old trainers.  One of my priorities after parkrun on Saturday is to go and get a gait analysis and some new trainers which hopefully won’t case me as much bother.



And finally….. all this reminiscing has resulted in an earworm so I’ll leave you with one of John’s finest.

Peace and love.

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