I Got My Slosh Pipe

(You really should scroll down and play the song to accompany this blog as you read. It’s a great record!)

Friday’s training was a tale of two 6.30’s one AM and one PM:

6.30am Sweat Class



One of Sue Boardman’s classes. Sue allowed me to put my “Alternative” Christmas playlist on the gym’s sound system, what with it now being December. However “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” didn’t go down too well with my fellow SweatCamper’s so we soon had to revert back to the Sweat playlist (just as well we didn’t get to “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” by Tom Waits, although this is the greatest Christmas song of all time it’s not a song to work out to).

To get in to the session was a mini circuit of 3 x 40 seconds each of:

Mountain Climbers, Weighted Sit Ups (12Kg Kettlebell), Goblet Squat with 5 second pause (20kg Kettlebell), and Kettlebell Swing (32kg)

Next up an 8 minute AMRAP of 15 reps for each side (so 30 in total of each) of:

Renegade row (get in press up position and row (12kg) Kettlebell up), side wall-ball slam (8kg wall ball – get on one knee and chuck the ball at the wall), and then Jujitsu sit ups. No idea how many rounds I got – I wasn’t counting (it was early!)

Finally for this session, to complete in a minute, 20 reverse lunges of the step with a 16kg Kettlebell (it says L-press on the board which I can’t do due to my crappy shoulder) then in what’s left of the minute was (12kg) ball slams.

Then the next bit was 20 of (24kg) Kettlebell deadlift high pull, and the remainder of what’s left of the minute was burpees (everyone loves burpees).

Two rounds of each of those and that was it. I always feel so much better after the 6.30am classes than before them. It can be tough dragging my sorry arse out of bed that early, but it really does set you up for the day. Now the daily grind and some more training later.

6.30pm Abs Class



Back down to Sweat after work for the abs class, this was my first ever bbs class (I rarely work abs unless it’s in as part of the Sweat Class). And to make matters worse for me tonight no one else turned up to the class! As I was on my own Leigh to give me some VERY horrible stuff to do!

First up was 10 down to one sit ups, travelling down the gym by crab walk in between sets. To elaborate you do 10 sit ups then crab walk down the gym, do 9 sit ups, crab walk back, do 8 sit ups and so on.

Next up was three exercises, 30 seconds of each with a 30 second rest at the end of the three exercises done three times. First up was a “Lunge and Twist”, which is a forward lunge, and twist to one side holding a 10kg plate. Next up is “Gecko” where you get to a press up position and bring your knee up to your elbow. Last one of the set is a favourite of mine, the hollow cross, get yourself in a crucifix position, shoulders and feet up off the floor, and engage the old core and hold. I hate these.

Then to the real “fun” part of the session! A two set circuit 40 seconds of each with a 20 second rest.

Firstly was GHD sit ups. This GHD ain’t hair straighteners. It’s a weird contraption called a “Glute Ham Developer” and you can do these horrible sit ups on it. Basically lock your feet in, lie back and then crunch up. I think the picture might explain better:


Then there was a “Pallof Press” which is basically getting a big thick elastic band round a stanchion then pull it out to one side to get some tension on it, and press out forward. The idea being to engage the core so you don’t get pulled back by the band. Again, the picture might explain better:


Next was a banded kneeling crunch. As the name suggests, do a kneeling crunch forward pulling down a band for some resistance.

Finally my favourite bit. The “Slosh Pipe”. This looked easy, and for the first 3 seconds or so felt easy. Basically lift a big pipe up off of the blocks (see main picture). However as the name suggests there is water sloshing around in said pipe and as soon as it that water moved around it was a big struggle engaging pretty much every muscle in the body to try to stabilise it. A brilliant exercise, and far from easy!

And now for the finisher section of this workout and again a big couple of exercises for getting the abs working.

A 10 down to 2 “HAF” (heavy as…) farmers walk (“HAF” in this case was 45kg) with a long lever plank in between each set. A long lever plank is like a normal plank, but stretching it out a bit so you’re extended a bit more to make it that bit more difficult.

So that’s 10 lengths of the gym farmers walking with a 45kg bar then the plank, then 8 lengths of farmers walk then the plank, all the way down to 2. This was very tough stuff and I was well and truly knackered at the end of this.

A very enjoyable and tough session. Made that bit worse as I had jogged down to the gym, and believe me I really didn’t want to run back home after this (so much so I took the shorter route back)!

I got a busy couple of days coming this weekend, and I will be writing about it so keep an eye out for the next blog.

Peace and love.

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