I Would Walk (run) 500 (9ish) miles

This evening’s activity is a 9 mile (ish) run from Sweat, with my Team Sweat running buddies Stu and Helen. The aim being a slow and steady 9 miles somewhere between 9 and 9.30 minute miles.

Have a listen to todays song as you read. I was struggling to think of a song to go with this blog but the reason for this choice becomes apparent later on…

The route is supposed to go up Fiddler’s Road; I was convinced there was a path all the way up that road – even after getting told there wasn’t I was still convinced I was right. So seeing as there isn’t a path up Fiddler’s Ferry road and after nearly getting knocked down on the roundabout before we had really started we headed up Page Lane and Warrington Road up to Eight Towers roundabout.

Then we headed up Barrow’s Green Lane going over the railway bridge then turning left and heading up that nasty little hill on the way up to The Horn’s (The Horn’s is a long lost pub – flattened sometime in the 90’s I think).

A note on Barrow’s Green Lane – this route takes me past my Auntie Elaine’s house, which coincidently is the house in which my Dad grew up in. I even think there was some my dad’s and Uncle Derek’s graffiti that they found when they came to decorate. There are very old some photos somewhere taken from the garden of that house which show fields as far as the eye can see. Those fields are now the Wheats Close housing estate. (Elaine who lives in this house is my mum’s sister, not to be confused with my dad’s sister Elaine).

Our route then took us down Lunts Heath Road, where the freezing fog blowing in off the fields gave it a very spooky feeling. We headed down to the Black Horse pub (where we caught a glimpse of Santa on his float) then picked up Cronton Road all the way to Chapel Lane turning past the chippy and going up to the Four Topped Oak.

After crossing the roundabout we turned off Prescott Road Bridge picking up “The Never Ending Path” running all the way between Upton Rocks (where the Widnes Hipsters reside) and the railway line before eventually coming out near the Cemetery (the dead centre of Widnes). Again this path was cold, dark and spooky. I was glad I had my running partners with me otherwise I might feel a bit frightened running down this path on my own!

Once back on the road we headed up Birchfield Road then on to Pit Lane heading up towards Farnworth Church which looks really good lit up at night, then a nice downhill bit down Peelhouse Lane (back past my old school – see There Are Places I’ll Remember). Its really hard not to pick some speed up when going down these nice down hills and Helen and I had to tell Stu to reign it in a bit. Then we went down Locket Road and turned left back down Birchfield Road. At this point, psychologically, the last loop felt like a waste as we could of picked up the road just on the other side of the bridge where we came out from “The Never Ending Path” and cut a mile and a half off of our route!

Anyways heading down Birchfield Road we passed St Bede’s School and we could hear “Da da da (da da da)” and see the lights of the school Christmas disco so the earworm for the rest of the run was The Proclaimers 500 miles.

After another nice downhill section down Kingsway (again trying not to go off too fast), we tuned left past t’Asda heading up Gerrard Street, played human frogger again on Widnes’ Spaghetti junction, and then the last bit back to Sweat (Stu had to show off and sprint the last bit – Helen and I were happy just to plod along home).

Time for a quick selfie with the team before heading home for tea.


All in all just what was planned (apart from the balls up at the start!) a nice 9.3 miles in a total time 1:25:46 at a pace of 9:13 min/mile. This was also the furthest I’ve ran in years. Just need to keep adding those miles on now.

Peace and love.

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One thought on “I Would Walk (run) 500 (9ish) miles

  1. I think at the end of your challenge you should turn all of these blogs into a book, and incorporate your trek in Sweden into the overall challenge.
    You are very talented writer and an all round amazing man !
    Love you loads
    Kate xx


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