Sunday Morning

I had planned on going out on Saturday to do my long slow run, but after a busy Saturday morning and afternoon I made some rubbish excuses to myself and didn’t end up going out on Saturday evening as planned. That meant I needed to go out on Sunday morning. Only problem is I had a Group PT session booked in with Paul at Sweat, so I had to do both. It’s my own fault for making excuses. Anyways, here’s what I got on up on this Sunday Morning.

To accompany this blog have a listen to this wonderful version of the Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning by Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White. White’s production on this is brilliant.

First up was my group PT at Sweat with my trainer, Paul. As Paul was writing the session on the board I asked him to go easy on legs as I was going out running after the session. He just laughed at me, we NEVER skip leg day at Sweat. In truth the session wasn’t too bad on the legs, and as I was going running I didn’t have to do a finisher so Paul was actually nice to me this morning!



After a warm up consisting of  3 lots of Hip Circle Walk, 20 Band Pull Apart Lunges and 5 Inch Worms we got in to the main bit of the session. The first section of this was to build to to 3 sets of 8 x 85kg back squat which felt relatively easy. Then on to 3 sets of 10 Snatch Grip Romanian Dead Lifts at 70kg. I got through these ok but I’d forgotten my straps so my girly grip was giving way a bit towards the end of each set.

To finish my session at Sweat was 3 lots of: 20 x kettle bell swings (with the big boy 44kg bell!), 10 x ring bridge (hold on to the rings and do a glute bridge) then my favourite 5 x GHD ham raises. As mentioned earlier I missed a finisher so I could go out and do my run.

I decided to get changed at Sweat and base my run from the rather than head home after my session, this way I wouldn’t be tempted to make excuses to myself not to go running again.


After getting in to the running gear I headed out up past MegaTesco, down Lugsdale Road, over the “Continental Plaza” outside the old town hall then heading down Victoria Road and in to West Bank.

My route then took my down to Spike Island where I got a good view of the new Mersey Gateway bridge in the mist and gloom and was surprised at how far this had progressed with the deck clearly visible heading out from each tower, before running back up in to West Bank and picking up the Promenade right next to the Mersey and I got thinking about the last time I was in this area of town. It’s been many many years since we used to call in to Ste Heslin’s nana’s for a brew, which I think was the last time I was around here.

Following the transpennine trail and passing under the approaches to the Jubilee and Ethelfleda bridges and I was exposed to the wind and the rain blowing in of the Mersey and this section felt pretty tough.  I followed the trail down the zig-zagged steps and over a bridge that takes you over a couple of brooks that feed in to the Mersey. This is the first time I’ve ever been round here so I turned around to take a quick photo, you drop about 50ft in height here back to near the level of the Mersey.

The track then heads up to Pickering’s Pasture where there were people out walking their dogs, and a rather large boxer dog decided he’d like to run with me. He was quite a large chap so he soon got out of breath after about 10 yards and he looked forlorn as I left him.  Cutting through Pickering’s Pasture, and picking up the smell in my nostrils I came out near the sewage works were I reminisced about my first job.

As a 16 year old I got a job as an apprentice civil engineer and my first job was at the Sewage Works in Widnes where we was building some sewage plant and out let pipes that go in to the Mersey (yeah I know, great job eh). Anyhoo, being the apprentice on one wet and windy day (on a day not too dissimilar to today) the engineers decided that they needed to know the ground level on the smelly mud banks when the tide was low so they made me climb down with the level staff with only a piece of rope tied round my waist for protection. As the mud banks were a good 3 meters lower than the ground above the staff was extended to its full 5m length and I struggled to keep it straight in the horrific weather, knee deep in mud next to the existing outlet pipe I was shouted at by the engineers on the bank to keep the staff straight. Grim.  Looking back it was an obvious apprentice set up by the engineers and I’m sure they had a good laugh about it.

I left the smell of the sewage works behind and headed back through Hale Bank, on to Hale Road, heading through Ditton before eventually getting to Prescott Road Bridge and picking up the “Never Ending Path” running adjacent to the railway line and coming out next to the cemetery. Then on through Derby Road and heading up the hill and to the highest point on the course, the bridge on the approach to the Horn’s Roundabout. This was the psychological switch point as I knew I had an easy 2 miles heading downhill on Moorfield then Warrington Road back to Sweat.

A total of 11 miles. I had planned on doing 9 minute miles and I managed 9.01 minute miles so I’ve got to be happy with my pacing. Though my Garmin watch really helps with this.

Some musings on my trainers and blister situation. Kate had picked me up a pair of Brooks Transcend 2 from TK Maxx, I had tried them the other night for a 5 miler with no hint of blisters. After a trip back to Run Geek on Saturday to look at my Hoka’s and potential cause of blisters I was advised to have a couple of longish runs in the Brooks to see if there are any blister issues. Based on today’s run there were no issues with blisters at all, however I really do not like running in these Brooks they feel too heavy on my feet and seem to put my feet in to positions they don’t really want to go.I was also getting a bit of ankle pain from them and the ride was not smooth at all. Hopefully after couple of run in the Brooks and a trip back to Run Geek next week we could be getting to the end of the blister issues.

All in all a good Sunday morning’s training.

Peace and love.

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