Triple Threat

So, Wednesday night’s training was a “triple threat” at Sweat. I’ve not done one of these in a while. In fact I’ve not done one since about May (when I was awesome) so it’s all part of the mission to “Make Alan Great Again”. Basically a “triple threat” is when I do a PT session, followed by two Sweat Camp classes. All in all I spend the best part of 3 hours doing 3 sessions at Sweat.

All the training tonight was done by Paul Atkinson who started off nice and got progressively more evil as the night went on!


  1. PT

First up was my Group PT session with Paul.

After doing some stuff with a band (band pull apart, then lying face down on the floor and stretching the band behind my back) and a kettlebell (kneeling bottom up press) to get all warmed up we were looking at doing some upper body stuff. With my rubbish shoulder impingement injury I’ve not done too much of this recently.

Anyways, building up to a 1 rep max on a floor press we were looking to see how the shoulder held up. Pretty damn fine as it happened because somehow I managed to get up to a PB of 72kg. I’ve got to be happy with that.

Following this was some barbell bent over rows. 2 lots of 15 at 40kg (I did one set at 50kg but it was a bit of a mess so dropped back down to 40kg for the final set). The last bit of the session was some barbell skull crushers (40kg) (a skull crusher is where you lower the barbell back towards or behind your head working the triceps) then press ups (declined press ups with my feet resting on the bar) and finally face pulls (a big thick elastic band strapped to the rig, pull towards the face). 3 lots of 10 reps of all that.


  1. “Silver” Class

Next up was the Silver class (which Paul promised would be a “warm up” of the class following this one, he wasn’t kidding!).

So whilst everyone else was doing their stretches and warm up I was made to push a prowler up and down to “keep warm”.

Now on the main bits of the class. Partnered up with “Sankt Pauli Stu” Johnson first up was 10 minutes of 15 single leg ball bridges (each leg so 30 in total) whilst your partner does hip circle squats (put band round knees, squat, force band out). Once both of you done both exercises then there was 10 lunges (each leg so 20 in total) whilst holding 2 (16kg) kettlebells whilst your partner held a squat (with a hip circle on). All good for getting the legs to burn.

The next section of the class was done as one big team where everyone in the class held and excises statically whilst each person took turns to do the movement part of the exercise.

First one was chest press, so each person took it in turns to do 3 presses whilst everyone held the kettlebells in the air.

Next bent over rows to hold, so each person took it in turns to do 3 rows whilst everyone held the kettlebells up in towards the body.

Then press up to hold, each person holding the press up whilst everyone took it in turns to do 3 press ups.

Finally cobra’s to hold. I’m sure you’re getting the format by now, for a cobra you basically lie on your front with the chest off the floor, arms out and hold (like a prone cobra) whilst each person does 3 lots of lowering and raising the chest.

So three lots of this, and there were some interesting variations on counting to three from the class attendees with “Sankt Pauli” Johnson unable to resist the temptation of counting in German.

The last bit of this class was a 10 down to 1, again partnered up with Stu doing ball slams and squat thrusts. So your partner does 10 slams whilst you do squat thrusts, then you do 10 slams and your partner does squat thrusts, then your partner does 9 ball slams then… well you get the picture.

And that was that with that class.

As people sloped off I done a little bit of shoulder rehab stuff whilst waiting for the next class to start. It started to get a little concerning about the lack of people turning up for the “Circuits” class. When it became apparent that the only other person in the class was Dan “King of the Deadlift” Noon we knew the class was going to be horrid. Dan and I are both PT clients of Paul and for some reason this gives Paul license to be extra horrible to us:


  1. Circuits” “Dan & Alan May Die Doing This Class” Class

As there was only myself and Dan for this class the exercises were done in blocks of two, timed, and then we’d swap until all sets were completed.

So to start this hell off was a 3 sets of 40 seconds each of:

Air dyne (the Devils very own exercise bike – that harder and faster you got the higher the resistance goes).

Box over burpee. Do a burpee (full chest to floor) jump on the box (I guess it was about 4ft high) down to other side of box do a burpee. Repeat.

Then after minimal rest (like 20 seconds or something) 3 lots of 40 seconds:

Trap bar squat jumps (trap bar loaded up with 2 x 20kg plates, squat, jump up holding said bar)

Jump rope slams (as name suggests, jump in air and slam ropes down)

Then the next 4 pairs of exercises were “TABATA”, which is 20 seconds of activity, followed by 10 seconds rest (although in this case there wasn’t really a “rest” as we had to swap and get ready in this 10 seconds).

We done 4 sets of each pair of exercises, with minimal rest in between the pairs and with Paul pushing and pushing us to go quicker, faster and not letting up get away with resting or “sandbagging” (we’d get taxed for sandbagging):

“Big Bertha Swings” Big Bertha is the 44kg kettlebell

“Cockroach” basically a bear crawl over a few meters but you jump up and twist to change direction.

“Sprawl Thrust” basically the bottom half of a chest to floor burpee

“Thruster” Squat and press with 2 x 16kg kettlebells

“Rope Wave” (self explanatory)

Mountain Climber (everyone knows what mountain climbers are)

“Overhead Jump Lunge” jumping lunges holding a 20kg pate over your head

“Rainbow Slam” 12kg ball slam moving in a circular motion.


Well not quite as we had a little finisher of 10 widths of the gym with the Prowler (at bodyweight).

After this Paul loomed over our knackered bodies with his phone grinning and putting us on Instagram. I gave him the finger and Dan just said “Fuck Off” ha ha:

So after this we were done right? Nope!

Somehow or other we had accrued a “sandbagging tax” which meat 90 seconds of “suicides” which were a 4 point shuttle run with a chest to floor dive to the deck at each point.

Done. Finally!

I was well and truly knackered after tonight’s mammoth session. Although doing plenty of running my overall training consists of much more than just running. I think that sessions like this will help in my overall endurance and will transfer to the marathon. I also think mentally they help, as Paul would just not let us stop and pushed us to our limits in the final session so even though I was hurting ans was well up for quitting I carried on (it’s a sign of a great coach who’ll push you to what you are actually capable of).  It’s only when its all done do you actually enjoy the workout. That said I had a couple of hours on the couch unable to move much through sheer exhaustion. That was great stuff tonight though, and I’m going to get back to doing these “triple threats” on Wednesday going forward.

Next up is an easy 10mile run for Thursday night followed by a couple of days rest after getting some more skin coloured in.

Peace and love

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